Plain Bearings

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> > Can you put cooking oil in plain bearings?
> > 
> Of course you COULD - but it would surely flow straight out again 
> it is much less viscous than the oils that are traditionally used. 
> Might make things pong a bit if it is used oil!
> I gather that Chris Cooper has his own formula!
> Mike

Yes, but his formula involves having a portable BBQ up the tower to 
render things down - probably dead pigeons, etc! If a Fire Officer 
saw it they'd have a fit!

Castor oil is always a good one for plain bearings, but there are 
probably modern, commercial lubricants that are far better, more 
available and cheaper. 

Castor oil used to be used as a laxative, so I guess it makes both 
humans and bells 'go well'!


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