[Bell Historians] Waresley, Huntingdonshire

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at s...
Tue Sep 28 05:35:43 BST 2004

Oops! That's a mistake I should not have made, especially after the 
work I put into the online conversion calculator.

But I think that only multiples of *both* seven and four "indicate 
quarters of a hundredweight". Perhaps other multiples of 7 suggest 
measurement to the nearest half stone? Or was such a measure ever 
actually used?


At 22:33 +0000 2004/09/27, Mike Chester wrote:
> > But the terminal 0 is likely to be precisely correct one time out of
>> 24 (assuming that exact weights are randomly distributed), so
>> absolute distrust would be unwarranted.
>> What's suspicious about a multiple of seven?
>Erm - it is actually one time out of 28, and not 24! 0-1-0 = a bell
>of 28lbs, 0-2-0 = 56lbs; 0-3-0 = 84lbs and 1-0-0 = 112lbs and their
>multiples. Multiples of 7 indicate quarters of a hundredweight.

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