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Also, my dad (Graham Austin) has a recordingy of the Emmanual bells. 
They sound very mellow with lots of hum. They are now very sharp with 
no hum - the tower at Bootle doesn't do them any favours but I like 

Other recordings he has are the old Hale 6, and Prescot before they 
were tuned again. I will ask him if he has a recording of the old 
Bootle bells. Bell news in the 1890s contains lots of 720s and 
quarterpeals from Bootle, mostly of Plain bob, Kent and Oxford. I 
think they rang the first 720 of Oxford TB in Liverpool. 

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> --- It has transpired that the bells were cast in 1945. The fact 
> that the casting date on the belfry notice, which was supplied by 
> founders is incorrect, casts doubt on the validity of the other 
> details.
> I had a note that the bells were removed in 1973, but I am open to 
> correction. 
> As Sam says, his Dad might have other details.
> I have a photo b/w of Emmanuel @ 1970 and a much larger coloured 
> of the tower in scaffolding being demolished. I am quie willing to 
> loan these to interested parties on the basis that they can not be 
> replaced ( I don't have the negatives) and that they are 
> sent/received by recorded delivery. The church had already been 
> demolished. There must be material in the archives of the 
> Echo or other local newspapers.
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