Re (2): [Bell Historians] Bootle (Everton) and Fenham

s.ivin at n... s.ivin at n...
Wed Sep 29 18:38:42 BST 2004

> A quick search on Google shows that, according to JRK of LL
> Old Concert Pitch A=428.5Hz 

Actually, if as Nigel said, 716 is slightly flat of F old concert pitch,
that puts A up around 900Hz (or 450Hz if preferred) - multiply by the 12th root 
of 2 (roughly 1.0594631), 4 times for F#, G, G# & A - this does not agree 
with 428.5, which I think was Handel's pitch-fork.

So where does JRK of LL get his authority?


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