Re (3): [Bell Historians] Bootle (Everton) and Fenham

Richard Offen richard at s...
Thu Sep 30 13:39:56 BST 2004

--- In bellhistorians at, David Bryant <david at b...> 
> > When an old ring falls between the notes of the International 
> > Pitch setting (agreed at an International Congress in 1939) it 
> > always been Whitechapel's policy to tune to another recognised 
> > standard pitch rather than tune to the flattest bell (avoiding 
> > need to remove too much metal from thin bells in order to get 
them to 
> > International Pitch). It may seem odd to you Mr Ivin, but it 
> > obviously seemed sensible to those who made that decision 
> > Bill Hughes) many years ago.]
> I think the point is that whatever it is tuned to it would be 
sensible to describe it relative to International Standard Pitch for 
consistency. Many Taylor rings, including completely new ones, are 
not tuned bang on international standard pitch, but as change ringing 
bells are not designed to be used with any other instruments this 
doesn't really matter. What bells are tuned to and what they are 
described as need not necessarily be the same.
> David

It is equally as much of a nonsense to decribe a ring as being in 'X' 
International Pitch when they are half a semitone flat or sharp of 
that note. The obvious thing would be to dispense with the 
references to pitch in Dove and other publications altogether, but 
the record gathering anoraks would hate that!


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