Re (3): [Bell Historians] Bootle (Everton) and Fenham

David Bryant david at b...
Thu Sep 30 16:40:45 BST 2004

> It is equally as much of a nonsense to decribe a ring as being in 'X' 
> International Pitch when they are half a semitone flat or sharp of 
> that note. The obvious thing would be to dispense with the 
> references to pitch in Dove and other publications altogether, but 
> the record gathering anoraks would hate that!

I don't really see your objection, to be honest. International standard pitch was introducted to provide an international standard and clear up confusion between pitches, so why create confusion by using outdated systems? If a ring is described as being in A-40 and you know this is international pitch, then if you so wish you can convert it into any other standard. However, if you arbitrarily use different pitch standards, then without a frequency or any indication of what the pitch is it is meaningless! I maintain that the keynote given for a ring of bells should be the closest one on the International Standard Pitch. What you suggest is like saying the diameter of a bell is '20', without indicating whether it is centimetres or inches!



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