[Bell Historians] Little Hereford

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Wed Aug 10 09:56:56 BST 2005

>Both bells 2 & 3 are on the List of Bells for Preservation.
>In view of what Soundweld was able to do at Cransley then welding should be

They can make up missing bits (including canons, provided they have at least 
some of the originals to use as patterns). They did an excellent job on a 
small York Foundry bell for Fountains Abbey Mill a few years ago. Prior to 
welding, the crown and canons were in pieces and some bits (including a 
canon or two) were missing. They have recreated it such that you would have 
to look very closely to see that it's been repaired.

For one of the bells at Pinhoe (a medieval Exeter foundry bell, which no 
longer had its canons) Soundweld created a flat top like on a modern bell - 
the bell had been quite badly cracked in the crown. I assume the flat top 
will probably have been at the request of the bellhangers (Nicholson 
Engineering), as other bells I've seen where the canons are off and crown 
cracks have been repaired have a slightly domed crown - presumably the 
original shape.



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