[Bell Historians] Tenor Weights

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at ...
Thu Aug 11 23:36:34 BST 2005

From: "Susan & Christopher Dalton" <dalton.family at ...>
> > Do exact tenor weights exist for the modern M&S tenors at Bradwell on
> > Sea and Hatfield Broad Oak in Essex and if so please can they be
> > shared so I can update my records and Dove's Guide.
> Bradwell-on-Sea 8-0-10 (M & S 1948)
> Hatfield Broad Oak 17-1-15 (M & S 1935)

Thanks Chris.

Interesting that both these are somewhat heavier than the estimated weights.

I wonder how many more accurate tenor weights there are out there that are
still listed as approximate in Dove?



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