St Giles, Cathedral, Edinburgh

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> > Is this correct? I have no details of these bells in my chimes 
> > 
> Further surfing has confirmed this on the St Giles Cathedral website
> Does anyone have the weight(s)?
> Mike

It's not a carillon, it's a set of Whitechapel handbells. The organ 
was built by Rieger in 1992 and the set of handbells was included as a 
stop on the (if I remember correctly) great organ. They are 'hung 
dead', sounded by means of pneumatic hammers and mounted at the top of 
the organ, but not in view.

If I get a moment, I'll dive into the attic and find the copy of 
Organists' Review containing a write up on the new organ, which gave 
details of the handbells.



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