Wrought Iron Clapper

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Fri Aug 12 11:29:29 BST 2005

Can anybody tell me in detail the story of the wrought iron clapper supplied 
for the tenor at St Paul's several years ago? I know the first one broke, 
and I believe the second one did as well. I would be particularly interested 
to know who actually made the clapper and where the materials came from.

I am currently investigating the situation with regard to the supply of 
wrought iron, so that I can hopefully end the seemingly endless letters in 
the RW claiming on dubious grounds that new wrought iron is available. So 
far as I am aware so far, the only place which produces (or did produce) 
wrought iron is Blists Hill museum in Ironbridge. This was only really 
intended for demonstrations, and the quality was, so I understnad, variable.

There is a company in Yorkshire which supplies wrought iron, but this is 
reworked and there seems to be some debate about whether it is suitable for 
clappers. I am currently corresponding with the company concerned.

There are also rumours that wrought iron is available from Easern Europe, 
but I have been unable to verify this.



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