[Bell Historians] Kirkby Stephen

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Fri Aug 12 12:48:20 BST 2005

>From: "Chris Pickford" 

> These are said to be a Warner eight, except the 7th which is a Seller bell
> of 1749. However, a Barwell catalogue of c.1907 - listing jobs back to the
> 1880s - claims the tenor as one of theirs.

Puzzling, because it is Warner 1877 like six of the others. The hanging
then was done by Thomas Mallaby.
> Just wondered if anyone had actually seen these bells - or is close enough
> to take a look - to check whether it is by Barwell or Warner. If Barwell,
> I'be be keen to have date, diameter and (ideally) inscription
Full details including exact weights were published on the front cover of RW
19th September 1986.



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