[Bell Historians] Tenor Weights

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Fri Aug 12 14:53:30 BST 2005

>Such as...?

Don't know of any at the moment or I'd have told John Baldwin. St James, 
Taunton, was one but that has been altered now.

>I presume you mean other than where canons have been removed which
>seems to still be an unresolved issue.

That's certainly one reason. Another is 'exact' weights for which no source 
can be traced and which, given the size of the bell, are unlikely to be 
true. St James, Taunton, was one of these -given as 19-3-14, for which no 
source could be traced and going by its size the bell is most likely to 
weigh around 17½ cwt. Dove has now been changed to reflect this. I expect 
there are others like this.



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