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John must have copied my idea - I used it at St George's Edgbaston.

Have you got over the wobbly-winded Towcester organ yet, Sam? I can't
help thinking they must have left some bits out of it when it was
transferred from Northampton.


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I did this once too but used "Toys R Us" bells.

John Pryer (the ex assistant organist at St. Chad's Birmingham)once 
installed his home made cymbelstern in old St. Chad's organ without 
telling David Saint (DOM). Saint's face was a picture when the bells 
had their first outing, the congregation all turning round to see 
where the sound was coming from.

Talking about organs, T.C. Lewis organ buider cast bells too and 
apparently wrote a thesis on it. The back six at Fulney are his but 
have since been tuned by Taylor's.



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> I did one of these once. It comprised of the unused set of 4
> bells which were conveniently mounted on a stand. I put this on a
> player with a conveniently mounted bar hanging down to hit the
bells as
> they passed by. The whole lot was placed on top of the swell box
and the
> mains connected through a suitable relay to the draw stop. Can't 
> remember if I set it to 33 1/3 or 45 rpm. 78 was too fast, though!
> Andrew
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> Subject: [Bell Historians] Cripplegate (was St Giles, Cathedral, 
> Edinburgh )
> RCO:
> "Are you sure St Giles' Cripplegate has a cybalstern (set of four
> six small bells, mounted on a rotating disc, which give a
> tinkling sound used as a background to organ pieces such as JS
> choral prelude on In Dulci Jubilo)?"
> I am sure. Last year the ASCY had a service there to mark the 50th 
> anniversary of the bells (we had a ringers' choir). Mark Jones
> ringer) made sure the cymbalstern had an outing when he played for
> I'll ask him how new it is. The church is launching an appeal to
> the organ. The ASCY incidentally is supporting a new appeal to
install a
> sharp 2nd.
> I think most modern cymbalsterns ring their bells with solenoids -
> John's College Cambridge does for example. I gather you can
> the order in which they are set to jangle as a consequence. The
> star on the front of the organ case is for show only.
> DrL
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