[Bell Historians] Re: cymbalstern

Richard Offen richard at ...
Mon Aug 15 23:30:17 BST 2005

> Just to tidy up the question over whether St Giles, Cripplegate has a
> cymbalstern, Mark Jones (who has regularly played it) confirms that 
it does,
> although he doesn't think it is that old. So Mark Humphreys owes me a 
> (following an offline discussion!), and as for Richard Offen....
> DrL

Hmm! It would appear that Manders, who built the organ and in whose 
care it currently is, STILL don't know that there's a cymbalstern ...so 
who are we to believe?!!!!

Anyway, we're going wildly off bell history topics here, so let's just 
call it a day with this one!



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