Northern Ireland chimes, some updates

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Tue Aug 23 11:26:00 BST 2005

Londonderry, Cathedral Church of St Eugene, Roman Catholic. Chime of 10
bells, tenor hung for ringing. The relatively new guidebook has a page
about the bells. They were cast and hung by Gillett & Johnstone (sic!) in
1902. There is a photo looking down on part of the tower showing three
smaller bells hung dead in their own frame and the tenor in its own frame.
It looks like it was hung for ringing once, but has no wheel. Does have a
proper ringing headstock with bearings and a huge stay. Bumped into a
"church person with dog collar" whilst taking photos outside but decided
not to ask to go up the tower. Did get a sound recording of the 6pm
angelus and tune played after it.

Londonderry, Guildhall. Clock chime not in Mike Chester's list. At least 5
clock bells that strike the Cambridge chimes. Guildhall rebuilt in 1912.
Couldn't find any details about the bells.

Londonderry, Pennyburn church, St Patrick. The local at St Columb's said
that there is a heavier bell than any at St Columb's at Pennyburn that he
can hear from home. I could see the church from my accommodation, red
brick tower similar to Croydon Town Hall with a green copper turban on the
top. It's about two miles north of the centre, so didn't get time to visit.
The local did say it was by G&J like all those at St Columb's.

With such a high G&J presence in the City, what are the chances that the
Guildhall chimes are by G&J as well?

Belfast, Presbyterian Church in Ireland Chuch House and Assembly Hall.
That's the full title. Mike's chimes page says 12 bells, 41cwt. On my
previous visit to Belfast in 2002, they chimed the Cambridge chimes though
there was silence on this visit. Stone at base of tower says it was built
in 1905. Building now the Spires Shopping Mall.


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