[Bell Historians] Congratulations!

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Fri Dec 2 02:22:29 GMT 2005

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> writes:
> Congratulations to Matthew, regular contributor to this list, and  
> Charlotte Higby on becoming parents (Jack Higby, born 22nd  
> Richard
> A great many thanks to all who have sent messages, cards, knitted  
> etc! He is a sweet little chap - usually wide awake at 3am!
> When was the last time that a bellhanger had a son? Most current  
> have daughters.
> (A very sleepy) Matthew
I could make a quip about ball bearings ...but I will refrain!

I'm also still trying to work out who on this list might have knitted 
something for Jack! :-)

Anyone visiting a tower where Matthew is rehanging the bells over the 
next few months should not be too surprised if they hear snoring 
issuing forth from the louvres rather than the sounds of heavy 



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