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> Others may be more up to speed than me, but the old Warner six 
were retuned and provided with new fittings (having been grounded 
for some time) about 20 years ago. But (it's a complicated story) 
there's been nowehere to hang them. I believe that the project is at 
last moving forward, with a new tenor to replace the old one and 
possibly two trebles too. 

Chris is basically correct - the old tenor is to become a tolling 
bell. The plan is to have them ringing next year.

Details can be found at  


> On a similar subject - things "lost" - anyone know what's happened 
to the Felstead database. It's been "down" for several days now

Don Morrison hosts this site and is in the middle of moving house, 
he now is to live in Pittsburgh, IIRC. Plans were put into place to 
reboot his computer in his previous home should it "fall over". His 
ISP changed something important that means his carefully laid plans 
no longer work! It will be up fairly soon and will be hosted on an 
ISP in the near future and not on the computer under Don's desk!



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