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Mon Dec 12 18:35:17 GMT 2005

The London Gazette archives have a few entries relating to bell 
founders/hangers. The archives can be found at :-

Here are a few of interest....

Issue 33491, page 67, 3rd May 1929
Bankruptcy of Hubert Joseph Day, trading as Geo. Day & Son, Back Lane, Eye, 
Suffolk, Church Bell Hanger.

Issue 46789, page 72, 6th January 1976
Bankruptcy of David Robert Filce, manufacturer of "John Nicholl" Church Bell 

Issue 46361, page 112, 4th October 1974
Death of John Oldham, Retired bell founder of Shepshed

Issue 36704, page 31, 2nd September 1949
Death or Robert Warner, Retired bell founder of Frinton on Sea

Issue 32802, page 180, 5th March 1923 (and many other references)
Notice about dormant funds in Chancery Court of William Taylor of Oxford, 
Bell founder.

Issue 28306, page 44, 9th November 1909
Notice about claims on the estate of John William Taylor the Elder (died 
20th November 1906) whose will was proved by John William Taylor the 
Younger, Bell Founder

Issue 32757, page 59, 20th October 1922
Notice about claims on the estate of John William Taylor, of Loughborough, 
Bell Founder (died 4th June 1919)

Issue 32701, page 35, 1st October 1920
Notice about claims on the estate of Charles Stuart Taylor (died 22nd March 
1920), of Loughborough, whose will was proved by Edmund Denison Taylor, Bell 


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