[Bell Historians] Re: RW Diary

Andrew Wilby andrew at ...
Thu Dec 15 15:56:11 GMT 2005

DrL > The compilation of such lists in the diary is not the responsibility 
of the
> RW Editor. It always used to be Andrew Stubbs (as Chairman), so I guess it
> is down to one of his successors on the RW Board.>

I aquired the Diary for RW from Bill Viggars in 1970??? something. ANS took 
over responsibility for its production as he had no other specific 
responsibility on the Board at that time. When he became Chairman he held on 
to it.

Change has had to be gradual as the cost of re type-setting any of the pages 
was quite expensive and could soon do damage to the annual economics. 
Re-setting might be cheaper nowadays?

With a distribution of 6-7000 per annum it is the best selling of any 
ringing product by a long way so it must be dong something right!



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