[Bell Historians] engraved bells

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Fri Dec 23 21:29:28 GMT 2005

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> And of course it's now quite common for reused second-hand bells 
from elsewhere to have inscriptions incised onto them.
> David

Such as the 4th at Wooburn, Bucks which has "T Mears of London fecit 
1813" cast in, but the names of the Minister and Churchwardens are 

I assume the bell was taken from stock to replace the then 2/6, as 
the new trebles are dated a year later - they are not identifiable as 
Wooburn bells from their inscriptions ("Thomas Mears of London fecit 
1814"). I have not found documentary evidence to prove my 
assumption, or otherwise.

Are there many incised bells - I believe historically there were only 
two in Buckinghamshire (the other being the tenor at Quainton).  
There may be more now, with the re-use of bells, but how many?



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