[Bell Historians] Peterborough Cathedral

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Sat Dec 31 00:12:33 GMT 2005

> Sorry - Taylors rehung the bells in 1889.

Indeed, and most of the frame survives. It was, as installed, a 10 bell
frame with the heavy five hung in the five largest pits. When the present
ring was installed, the tenor pit was removed and in its place and a space
next to it four small pits for 1,2#,2,3 were constructed, using some of the
castings from Leicester (the rest were used in building the Towcester
frame). The 1889 frame is interesting in that it contains a mixture of H and
A high-sided castings. It was at this period that Taylor's were moving from
'A' to 'H' frames. I've not seen any other frames containing a mixture of
the two - is this the only one?



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