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> I've just looked at the entry for this om Mike's Warwickshire site. 
Was the 
> tower actually blown up? The first paragraph says that it was, but 
the next 
> one says that it fell over of its own accord.
> David

Both! They tried several ways to demolish the tower, including the 
use of explosives. They failed! I suspect that the photograph was 
taken after the attempt to blow it up had been "not quite fully 

They eventually knocked a corner of the tower off with a bulldozer 
and tried, not for the first time, pulling the tower over with the 
bulldozer via a hawser around the base of the spire. They failed, 
again! The went to the corner of the churchyard to discuss what to 
do next and whilst the discussion was taking place the tower fell 
over without anyone actually doing anything to it at that moment!

The church was demolished because it was thought to be badly built 
and not worth restoring!


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