[Bell Historians] Emscote

Mike Chester mike at m...
Fri Feb 4 13:47:17 GMT 2005

>From memory of reading microfilmed copies of the Coventry Evening 
Telegraph of the time a few years ago, it took several efforts over 2 
or 3 weeks to get the tower down, only one of which involved blowing 
it up. It was very obstinate and I cannot guarantee at all that this 
picture is of, or around, the moment of final collapse. 

My interest was started in the early 1990s when the CET published an 
old photograph of the tower at the moment the explosives went off. It 
was bulging and cracking in a dramatic fashion, but then failed to 
fall over. It was still very recognisable as a church tower, just as 
in this photograph. They had to resort in the end to attempt several 
times to pull it over.

They should have got Fred Dibnah in to do it in the first place, I 


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