Gillett & Johnston profiles

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Wed Feb 9 13:45:24 GMT 2005

The earlier G & J rings do look something of a collection of 
different shapes. The lip/soundbow/lower waist, and the shoulder 
diameters and shoulder heights all varied. In fact, small percentage 
differences in calculating profiles do result in quite noticeable 
changes. Even moving the wires will make a bell look different. The 
trebles in 10 at South Croydon are very different in profile from the 
back 8. There are at least some common factors with the profiles of 
the back 8, although the tenor, 10th and 9th (in 12) have lower 
waists of narrower proportions than the rest.
The tenor at St. Thomas's Exeter has a near major 3rd tierce (like 
Hursley, cast the same year), and looks rather different from the 
other bells. It seems that the profiles that produced near major 3rd 
tierces were not used after 1923. If there are any later examples, I 
would be interested to know where they are.
There was some "standardisation" of profiles which was brought about 
by carillons. By 1925, they formed a large part of G & J's output.
Nigel Taylor

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