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What date was that peal John?

Brief details of the last peal on the bells as follows Andrew :

Sunday 2 November 1969 2 hours 57 minutes

Cambridge Royal

1. Tim Wylie 2. David Walklate (Conductor) 3. Susan Davis`4. J=
RK 5 Kevin Betesta
6. Geoffrey Paul 7 Derek Astridge 8. Gordon Halls 9. =
Geoff Bridges 10 Alan Bridges

Rung prior to the final service in the church before demolition

The Pladdys peal was part of a week end I arranged. The band was as foll=
ows :

JRK 1. AWRW 2 Kath Hardy 3 Bob Hardy 4 Laurence W=
ay 5
Geoff Bridges 6 Tim Pett (Cond) 7 Alan Bridges 8 Geoff =
Randall 9 John Pladdys10

You may remember that the first peal of the weekend on the Friday at Leic=
ester All Saints was the first true peal of Worthington which caused me a l=
ittle bother with a future High Court Judge!
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