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Over the past few weeks I have moved all of the websites which I have writt=
en and / or maintain to new locations. Below is a list of all those which a=
re likely to be linked or bookmarked. Can everyone please ensure that they =
update links as appropriate. Sorry if you get this email several times - it=
is being sent to several lists.


My Bell History sites
Bell Historians main info. page -
Bells of York -
Ringer's guide to the bells of York -
Bells of Norwich -

Andrew Bull's county bell lists:
Bedfordshire -
Cornwall -
Glamorgan -
Gloucestershire -
Monmouth Diocese -
West Midlands -

Tower Home Pages
York Minster Society of Change Ringers -
York St Laurence -

Other Sites
David Potter's bellhanging business -
(this might be moving again before long)
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