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According to Colchester's 'Hampshire Church Bells' Anthony Bond cast bells
for St Lawrence Winchester in 1621; North Stoneham in 1623; and St Helen's,
IOW, in 1610, so somewhere in Hampshire might be a possibility. Colchester
classifies Bond as 'itinerant', but I don't know how accurate this is.

I believe he is still regarded as an itinerant - his bells are rare.

The ring of four which he cast for St Laurence, Winchester (subsequently au=
gmented to five - by one of the Reading founders I think) has been disperse=
d. The treble, 2nd and tenor (of five) are now the 2nd, 3rd and tenor of si=
x at Upper Clatford, Hants. The 3rd remains at St Laurence, still in the 5-=
bell frame I believe, and the 4th is now the flat 8th at Winchester Cathedr=

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