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Again to confirm, definitely by James Barwell & Sons, Great Hampton Street,=

It is the earlier and rarer of the two crests they used. As David says, the=
other has the JB / (large) B for "James Barwell Birmingham", a device not =
infrequently found on their bells. I am pretty sure this latter was in use =
by 1890. The JB / JB crest which preceded it seems to be scarcer. About ten=
years ago a bell came into Taylor's for recasting - don't know from where =
- with the JB / JB crest, which JT reckoned to be worth reproducing facsimi=
le on the new bell. Andrew kindly gave me the lead cast used in the process=
, I have it before me now. 3 3/4" x 3" across the oak leaves; the shield 1 =
1/4" x 2".

Interesting by the way to see the image of the Naylor Vickers bell. The "yo=
ke" (headstock on this side of the pond) has the "adjustable gudgeons - you=
can see the serrations whereby the shoulders of the stock were adjusted - =
i.e., if you didn't like the hang of your bell you just went upstairs with =
a spanner and altered it, Well, so the advert said, or words to that effect=
. But I've never seen the real thing, so thanks to Carl for putting it on.


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Looks like Barwell's foundry mark to me, although fig 67 on p22 of=20
CB.Herefordshire has only one "J.B." in the shield with a "B" below. No=20
doubt CJP can confirm!


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An Australian correspondent who found me through one of my Websites
has asked for assistance in identifying an old bronze bell. He
supplied five photos, which I have posted at
http://photos.yahoo.com/csz_stl@swbell.net under the album name
"Australian bell". He reports that it weighs about 25 kilos.
Apparently it has no inscription, but on the waist is a shield
surrounded by a wreath. In the four quadrants of the shield are the
letters J B J B. Based upon either this description or the style
visible in the photos, who might have made this bell? (I doubt that
it came from an American bellfoundry. :-)


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