[Bell Historians] Re:Bells for sale on ebay

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at s...
Tue Feb 15 06:47:14 GMT 2005

Cast iron, certainly. But most of what I see there (more than two!) 
are not actually from C.S.Bell Co. but are modern anonymous 
imitations or near-reproductions.

There's so much stuff on eBay that it's important to give the 
10-digit item number if you want other folks to comment on the exact 
item you've seen.

At 11:48 +0000 2005/02/12, George Dawson wrote:
>They have all the looks of products of the C. S. Bell Co of Hillsboro, Ohio,
>cast iron!
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>Does anybody know where the two bells that are for sale on ebay have come

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