[Bell Historians] Church Bells of Wiltshire

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Fri Feb 18 19:41:12 GMT 2005

>> So Wiltshire Part 1 has been held up?
>> GAD
In a manner of speaking, yes! But with Dorset finally out of the way, I am
currently working again on the text of Wiltshire A-F if not A-G. There is a
certain amount of revisiting to do, not to mention quite a lot of "secular"
bells in country house stables, town halls, etc. Burcombe church having
recently been closed, I did indeed ask Neil Skelton if he could kindly check
if the details (one Mears bell) were still as in H B Walters, as the church
is within a Wadworths' barrel-roll of where he lives, in case the bell got
disposed of before I could get there.


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