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Wed Feb 23 04:52:43 GMT 2005

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> Your garage?????

Probably not on this occasion, but you should have seen the pair of 
us struggling, many years ago, to get the future treble for Preston-
next-Wingham (ex-Burham treble) into the back of a Ford van I'd 
borrowed and up the steps into the vestry of DLC's church in Dover! 
It was an extremely wet and stormy night and I seem to remember the 
reverend gent uttering some most unclergymanlike oaths about the 
design of Ford 5 cwt vans and vestry steps!

As usual, it was one of those rush jobs. Contrary to what it says 
on the Burham New Church page of Dickon's CBOK, the two Phelps' bells 
did not go directly to their new homes, but went to be stored at 
Burham Old Church. Alas, not long after the transfer, the Richard 
de Wymbish bell was stolen and we feared for the safety of the other 
two bells, the treble being the earliest example by Richard Phelps 
( Manhandling nearly 4 
cwt of bell on such an appalling evening was neither of us idea of 
fun, but we were the only two available at short notice!

Happy days!


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