[Bell Historians] Re: Architects

Anne Willis zen16073 at z...
Thu Feb 24 13:15:38 GMT 2005

> Reading David's account of the Burham saga reminded me of several 
> dealings I had with church architects in the past. Some were fine 
> but some worked as a law unto themselves and dragged their feet at 
> every chance often doing very little in return for putting in huge 
> bills. I could never understand why the churches concerned put up 
> with such appaling service. No one ever seemed to get a grip on 
> them. Add to that EH etc, and it amazing that anything actually 
> done these days.
> David

The architect for a local tower took an interest in the recent bell
restoration. He looked at the frame and bells (and I mean looked) and then
decided to charge 15% for his efforts. The £5,000 (approx) this could have
entailed was considerably reduced by the tower presenting a bill relating
only to the work done on site, omitting all work done at and by the foundry.

Anne Willis

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