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Don't think I'm going to spend any more time quoting chapter and verse more=
than I have. As Richard said earlier on, it's a great shame about the old =
bell and there was very little which could be done - sadly it was never rec=
overed. As stated the two Phelps bells are in regular use elsewhere.

As Richard said about architects.....well the one at Burham was the same as=
the one he mentions in East Kent. Richard will remember that he waxed lyri=
cal about the "wonderful old timbers" which supported the frame at Mersham,=
and Harry Parkes was with difficulty dissuaded from telling him that he wo=
uld personally deliver the b.....s to the architects garden if they were so=
wonderful, then he could look at them every morning when he got up.

A pity because the gentleman in question is one of the most charming, learn=
ed and able men. His record of Canterbury following the blitz is remarkable=
, and he was personally responsible for saving a great deal which would eit=
her have been destroyed subsequently or by the iconoclasts of later years.

I have personally been fortunate with my Inspecting Architects: at Dover, w=
e had Peter Marsh (also Surveyor to the Dean & Chapter of the Cathedral); i=
n Bristol I inherited the excellent firm of Oatley & Brentnall, who had des=
igned the church in 1900 / 26 and still gave sterling attention to it - whe=
n they packed up, we got Philip Mann, an excellent Bristol Architect; and h=
ere I have Peter McFarlane, formerly of Bond & Read of Grantham, and we cou=
ld not have better in every respect.


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So there you have it.

Well not quite!

The second date in my message (11th July, 1981) should have been deleted.=
Both photograph and rubbing taken on 11th July, 1980 when the de Wymbish b=
ell was on the floor of the old church. DLC's handwritten notes on the Kent=
Messenger copies showing the bells being removed from the 'new' church: "R=
emoving the bells 1981". Further, he says "Part-Medieval frame (disintegrat=
ed on removal 1981)". Presumably just before demolition of the 'new' church=

The thick plottens!

Neil Skelton.

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