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Before you all go off and amend your records (including Dove's Guide,
you may wish to consider the following comments by John Hyden, Tower
Captain at Woodchurch at that time.
I know this is another example of "local" versus "foundry" data but my
view as that the local version in this case is well founded (pardon the
Whatever, I propose to go along with whatever is considered appropriate
for Dove's Guide although it may be necessary to include a footnote (on
the branch website) explaining the existence of two different values. 

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Dear Peter,

I can certainly tell you the origins of the
Woodchurch tenor weight as recorded in Dove. I remember very clearly
submitting it. You might like to forward this to those locally whom you
think may be interested.

When Woodchurch bells were installed in the last few days of May 1971,
their inner surfaces were that beautiful gleaming golden colour which
new bells have. With the tenor set for ringing, the inner lip nearest
the west side of the tower carried (in a carefully deliberate and bold
draughtsman-like hand - in black felt-tip) the inscription, ' 3-3-27' .

The card in the ringing-chamber arrived quite a lot later that year and
I remember the surprise of seeing the tenor given a slightly heavier
weight. The 3-3-27 was written over the tuning grooves. It would be
difficult to argue that this could be anything other than the weight of
the tenor when the bell's production had been completed.



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