[Bell Historians] Lea Marston

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Wed Jan 5 13:09:47 GMT 2005

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> They are "about" 1, 2b, 3 of a three. The treble and tenor are 
> around the "correct" notes but the second is a semitone flat.
> Ullenhall is on my "to do" list - but there is no District meeting 
> there this year and it does mean getting 7 others to ring as well!

Having listened a bit more closely you are correct. There are similar 
towers listed in the on-line Dove as 1#,2,3 of 5 - from memory they 
are Alkborough and Aslackby, Lincs; Edgcott, Bucks and the old 3 
above the 10 at S Pierre du Bois, Guernsey.

What is the best way of listing them?

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