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For information, on the subject of Badminton, Glos a ringer from the Wotton 
Branch of the G & B has got these ringable again after a period of approx 50 
years. I'm trying to get some time with him to write an article for the 
local paper but as the ringer is away at University it's taking some organising.

Andrew Harper
Publicty Officer
Wotton Branch
Glos & Bristol DACBR.

N.B. The bells have never been unringable since they were installed - just 
unavailable. They were rung by Dave's Kelly and Strong with Rev Gordon 
Edwards, durting an inspection about 4 years ago. This was probably the first 
ringing here for many years. More recently Dave Matthews and friends have done a 
little maintenance on them and has turned them into a very ringable three! The 
new vicar has seen sense and is allowing them to be rung - even though the 
situation is complicated by the access, which is through part of a South/East 
wing of Badminton House. I know of several ringers who have gained access to 
the tower here over the years - by climbing out of the Gents Toilet window (In 
Badminton House) onto the stairway!

All good fun - they're even in a six bell frame!


Matthew Higby & Company Ltd,
Church Bell Engineers,
Jasmine Cottage,
The Street,
BA3 4HN.

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