Garter Holes

combineharvestersam combineharvestersam at y...
Thu Jan 13 12:49:54 GMT 2005

We have a problem at Edgbaston, it feels like the front three swing 
at a different speed than the back five.

Last night we had a broken rope so I went up to fix it and noticed 
that the third had a second garter hole higher up on the wheel. 
Looking at them both I cannot tell which one was the original 
Taylor's garter hole and which one had been cut since installation. 

I put the rope through the other garter hole as an experiment and now 
the bell has much less handstroke, it seems to be easier to ring and 
fits in with the back ones now.

Tonight I'll investigate the trebles, (couldn't do it last night as 
they were up) and if they have two garter holes as I suspect they 
have, I'll thread the rope through the higher one giving the trebles 
less handstroke.
We're ringing a peal tonight so it'd be interesting to see the 

Will Taylor's know the original positions of the garter holes?



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