[Bell Historians] Another church for sale

David Bryant davidbryant at h...
Thu Jan 13 15:27:42 GMT 2005

> http://www.fineandcountry.com/property/NOL4689
>This one still has 3 bells in the tower. It featured on anther list a few
>months ago. We considered having a whip round to buy it but decided it was
>too expensive!

Dove gives

Clay Coton, Nhants, S Andrew, 3, 7½cwt in Bflat. Unringable.

Surely the bells should have been removed before the building was sold? As I 
understand it, the usual policy is to remove all liturgical furnishing from 
churches to be sold, so that they can be reused elsewhere, although 
obviously there are exceptions such as churches going to the CCT or to other 
heritage bodies, when the fittings may be left in situ.

Does anyone know anything further about the bells in this church? All the 
agest's site gives are dates.


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