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Fri Jan 14 20:04:10 GMT 2005

Chris Pickford has brought to my notice the fact that the weights of 
Kettering have not been published in the Ringing World. For those 
who are interested in weights, they are:
Tenor: 21-1-2
11th: 15-2-11
10th: 11-0-1
9th: 9-1-27
8th: 7-3-8
7th: 6-2-18
6th: 6-0-21
5th: 6-0-2
4th: 5-2-9
3rd: 5-2-3
2nd: 5-1-7
Treble: 4-3-18

The tenor is Eb-6 (620 Hz.)

Nigel Taylor

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