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No John. I'm 'adviser' to the Salisbury DRCUC and am always consulted on th=
e disposal of bells.=20

Where bells are to remain in churches that are either sold or conveyed to a=
local landowner as a chapel or monument, the bells and other fittings, tha=
t would normally be removed, remain under the direction of the Diocesan Bis=
hop. There are several instances of this in the Salisbury Diocese and where=
bells are listed for preservation. Some of the earlier covenants are a lit=
tle hazy but the later ones provide for inspections at prescribed intervals=
to ensure that the buildings are being maintained and that the fittings, r=
emaining in the gift of the Bishop, are still there and being properly care=
d for. Whilst this is not always ideal it is better than nothing.

Neil Skelton.
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>Emmington Oxon, privately owned the whole place including bells, has had=
a lovely >"no expense spared" restoration, and ringers are welcomed, (cont=
act J Hern).

So when the building is sold and the new owner decides to sell or scrap t=
he bells no one will be at all concerned.

Am I the only bells adviser to a Redundant Churches Uses Committee?=20

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