[Bell Historians] Re: Bells in Redundant Churches

David Bryant davidbryant at h...
Mon Jan 17 14:37:03 GMT 2005

>As far as I can tell Phillip Watts, Chairman of the Redundent Bells
>Committee is not a member of this list. Perhaps someone with the
>facts might wish to contact him on
>cfrbchairman at c...
>rather than just indulging in speculation on this list that they are
>doing nothing?

I'll do it, as I'm moderator of this list. I agree it seems sensible to 
ascertain the facts. What precisely do we want to ask? Just a general 
question about whether the CCCBR are doing anything to try to get the CofE 
to tighten up on the protection of bells from redundant churches to prevent 
them from falling into private hands?


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