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There has been correspondence on nabbers and bell historians about Monkton,Devon. In the latest round of email messages Keltek has been mentioned so we will break our silence.

Jim Shephard very kindly contacted us in June of last year with the news about the church. We immediately contacted the vicar the Rev. Alan Sheath to discuss the plans for the bells. We informed him that we had an enquiry from another Devon church which could be satisfied by these bells. Alan decided that he would let pastoral measures take their course and we have been watching since then. I did contact the local bell adviser (James Clark) and his predecessor (John Scott) to put them in the picture regarding the possible redundancy and that a particular church was interested in acquiring and installing the bells - subject to satisfacory conclusion of tower repairs.

It was news to us that the church had been put up for sale - Thank you for this information nabbers/bellhistorians! As a result we have re-made contacts and are hopeful that the bells will be relocated in Devon. There is a long way to go yet but people are trying to get the bells relocated.

It is also good to see that people are concerned over the future of these (and other) bells. Please keep contacting us as we would rather have many duplicate messages than miss an opportunity to rescue bells because someone thinks that we might know already.

Dave Kelly

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