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Richard Grimmett arrranged some rinigng there around that time & battled wi=
th a fierce clock hammer !

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I believe that the bells were ringable before the conversion took place. =
I was working in the Birmingham area in 1990, and A. J. Barnfield boasted w=
ith some pride that he had rung there; apparently there was a try-out in th=
e mid-1980s.

Andrew Bull
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Does anyone know the fate of the bells of Christ Church, Oldbury West=20
Midlands (10.5 cwt)? The church is still in use (as a church), but the=
tower is let out to various companies as offices. As far as I know the=
bells are still in the tower, but a concrete floor has been installed=20
directly beneath them. It is very unlikely that they will ever be rung=
again (at least in that tower).

It is one of the rings that is claimed by both the Worcestershire=20
Association (It is the only unringable tower in the Northern Branch of=
that Association) and the St Martin's Guild.

I heard a rumour that the St Martin's Guild had looked into recovering=

Paul Marshall

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