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According to Chris Pickford's notes, the elm headstocks on the front six
were replaced with cast-iron ones in 1965. The seventh was recast in 1931,
so presumably was a flat-topped casting. I've seen the bells, and have
several photos; they definitely all have iron headstocks now, and none of
them has canons.

Andrew Bull

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"Does anybody know when the canons were removed from the bells at Southwark
Cathedral? This is not clear from the tower website - which is excellent and
would serve as a very good exemplar for anyone designing a tower website."

"The bells were taken down during WW2 and not rehung until ( I think) 1947.
It may well be that the canons were removed prior to that rehanging. "

I think it is more likely that they were removed in 1910 when the back 6
received cast iron headstocks and the front 6 new elm headstocks. After the
war they were cleaned, tuned and rehung with new gudgeons and ball bearings,
but (I understand) the same headstocks.

Source: ASCY Website (so it must be right!).


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