Mallaby demise

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The last record I have for work by John Mallaby (Mallaby & Co Barnby Dun) i=
s Halifax tenor bell rehung on new gudgions and bearings in i believe March=
1916 taken from his notebooks which I have in Photocopy.
Mallabys of Masham (T Mallaby and Son) then being run by Peter Mallaby I un=
derstand often used Taylor bells in the 1890's Peter's son also Peter died =
in WW1. John's son Charles died of pnuemonia after working at Terrington in=
1914. I believe Thomas's first work to have been Knaresborough from his ad=
vert of 1885. He sacted as superintendent of works! at Masham during their =
rehang and augmentation by Warners in 1862.
Yours Ian
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