Bells of J W Benson

George Dawson George at d...
Sun Jan 23 10:57:33 GMT 2005

All the ones I have seen are by Whitechapel.
e.g. St Augustine, Brocco Bank, Sheffield (1906), 4 bells to go with the
existing Barwell 1898 tenor.


> Who was responsible for casting bells on behalf of the clockmaker JW
> Benson, and are there any still in existence?
> I have a copy of the 2002 Benson compilation by Mike Bundock and
> Chris McKay which includes a catalogue reproduced from c. 1922.
> Several illustrations show bells to be supplied with turret clocks,
> both 'ordinary' and 'hemispherical' shape, drawn with JW Benson Ltd
> or similar as the inscription.

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