[Bell Historians] Taylors and timber headstocks

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> Turning to Alan's initial question, I would be very cautious about 
> the tenor stock at Clapham to 1930 without documentary evidence 
(i.e. the 
> Taylor records). It is entirely possible that the canons had been 
> from the old bell and it had been rehung on a new stock before 
1930, and 
> that this stock was reused.
No visible evidence of it being used on any other bell, but you 
will see for yourself in a few weeks when we go there for a tinkle.

Arncliffe are also in a Mallaby frame on the much used "L" 
shape plan.
The only problem with Mallaby "L" shaped plan is that on larger 
rings such as Arncliffe and Kirkby Malham (pre rehang and 
augmentation), the timber used in the frame construction is not that 
substantial in regard to the size of the bells.

Arcliffe rehung by Mallaby, then by Taylors as DJB has stated and 
they had Attention from someone who lives in S Yorks back in the late 
Paid work in late 1980s included fitting brand new ropes and brand 
new rope bosses.
The money would have been better spent on making the frame more 
rigid- the old ropes were passable.

Arncliffe churchyard was used in the filming of one of the first 
scenes in Emmerdale Farm- The funeral of Jacob Sugden.
Emmerdale Farm was filmed in and around Arncliffe for several 
years, and the pub used to sell ale served from a jug (they may still 
serve from a jug-not been in for quite a while!).


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