[Bell Historians] Southwark cathedral

David Bryant davidbryant at h...
Tue Jan 25 14:54:51 GMT 2005

>In the case of Southwark, the weights of the front 6 are now lighter than 
>quoted. I
>suppose that the trebles would have had canons weighing around 20
>pounds, and incremented up to around 40 pounds for the 6th.

Thanks, Nigel.

So, by my reckoning, the weights of the front six at Southwark should now be 
quoted as follows:

1. 7 cwt
2. 7 1/4 cwt
3. 7 1/4 cwt
4. 8 1/2 cwt
5. 9 1/4 cwt
6. 10 1/4 cwt.

Do people agree? I think the rings of 12 site needs to be altered to reflect 
this, and also the local ringers' website.

>Regarding false staples, this was a common practice amongst
>bellfounders and hangers until the early 20th century, although
>Taylor's appear to have discontinued this practice somewhat earlier.
>Bowell rarely if ever drilled a centre hole in new bells or old, and
>often fitted false staples which were suspended from bell bolt
>extensions. I have seen jobs he did in the 30's where this has been
>carried out.

Now you mention it, I recall reading fairly recently how someone (Whites?) 
had adapted Bowell RSJ headstocks for independent staples by welding plates 
to either side of the RSJ in line with the staple bolt and drilling down 


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