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S. E. Tower: A ring of 8 tenor 36 1/2", about 8-cwt in Ab, originally hung =
for full circle ringing. When RWMC examined in 1956, he found, inter alia t=
he 3rd clapper in the 7th and the 5th clapper in the tenor (and the 3rd and=
5th without), and wheels survived only on 2, 4 and 6. 5th headstock split,=
tenor stock decayed, gudgeons and bearings pretty poor. Frame on one level=
, massive timbers but timber by window openings decayed. Ringing accomodati=
on chaotic!

N. E. Tower: A chime of 11 bass 45" about 15-cwt in F. No clappers, and all=
the original hammers gone and the sunsequent electrical clappers removed. =
Remains of chime barrell in base of tower.

The only bell which was in use at the time was the bass bell of the chime
which had an iron ball on a rope in lieu of the clapper.

All inscribed CAST BY IOHN WARNER AND SONS LONDON 1882 / (Franciscan cross)=

Ranald subsequently wrote an illustrated article for the comic, which appea=
red in the issue of 14.12.56 pp 793-4. Canon Felstead subsequently wrtoe to=
Ranald giving details of an article on the bells which Warners had put in =
the Bell News, Vo. 1, p.327 - fortunately copying it out in extenso, and gi=
ving an account of the tuition they were giving.

Ranald's visit was 49 years ago - perhaps it is time someone else had a loo=
k at them!


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Can anyone provide details of the 8 in Madrid?


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