Wrought iron clappers - a byegone era.

jim phillips jim at p...
Fri Jan 28 15:33:25 GMT 2005

Historians should listen to radio 4 at 8.00PM on Saturday 29th January when 
extracts of Sir Winston Churchill's funeral are being broadcast. The coffin 
left the Cathedral to the sole sound of the muffled bells being rung with 
wrought iron clappers throughout. Those who have never heard the glorious 
sound produced by a wrought iron clapper in a heavy bell then here is your 
chance. The tenor (a maiden bell) really does sound magnificent compared 
with the poor apology produced by today's SG. Why are the ringers always 
prepared to put up with second best whether it be clappers or springy ropes 
making the bells difficult to handle? The pace of the ringing at the state 
funeral enabled every bell to be heard and savoured compared with some of 
the sonic litter produced by today's speed merchants with their stick down 
the railings job i.e a peal of cinques on a 34.3/4 cwt twelve in 3hrs 8 

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